Harold Dickert's African Cichlids
Kilbride Ontario Canada


Welcome to my African Cichlid page. 

I am a small African Cichlid breeder (not the size of my gut).   I keep just a few species of African Cichlids. The up side of this is that my fish get a lot of attention and are in top quality.

Type of Cichlids available.

Stocks and prices vary so please call Harold Dickert at 905 315-9779 or e-mail  hd@dickert.ca to get the latest info.



Fish Room

My fish room consists of 17 aquariums housed in a 10' by 10' room.  Lights are on a timer and I've built an automatic central filtration system.  I have a mosquito pond in my backyard so during the spring, summer, and fall, I supplement the diet of my fish with like insect larva.