Sciaenochromis ahli

Ok, these are my favorite fish. Everyone who first sees them says something like..." Oh my god, are they salt water fish? They are beautiful!"

Other Names Haplochromis ahli, Haplochromis jacksoni Description

Elongated body with different coloration on the male and female.
Male: A very shiny metallic blue with a pure white band starting at the lip and continuing between the eye on over the head, fin, and on around the tail. While showing aggression, during breading and while under stress, the male will display dark vertical bands along the body. Anal fin is darker the closer to the edge. Ventral fin is black with thin light blue edge. Caudal fin is triangular shaped which is dark near the edges.

General Care

Feed live food and crustaceans. Needs a large tank with hiding places amongst rocks and open areas.

Common Name Electric Blue Haplochromis
Similar Species Tyrannochromis fuscotaeniatus
Origin Lake Malawi
Habitat Found in rocky and sandy areas
Size 16 cm
Water Temp. 25-28 C
Water pH 7.5-8.5