Labidochromis caeruleus

Other Names Labidochromis yellow Description

Somewhat elongated and laterally compressed. Color is bright yellow but can also be lighter blue, even to white. The lighter the color, the more prominent the traverse lines along the body. Dorsal fin blue with black in the center and a light border. Ventral fins are black at the front and the anal fin has blue with a black border. Males have bright orange marks near the back of the anal fin.

General Care

Aggressive fish ( although I find them not vary aggressive at all) requiring large tank and secure rock formations. Water temperature around 24 C. Varied diet including algae and lettuce preferred. matter.
Common Name Electric Yellow Labidochromis
Similar Species  
Origin Lake Malawi
Habitat Found in shallow rocky waters
Size 10 cm
Water Temp. 25-28 C
Water pH 7.5-8.5