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Acoustic Steel String, and Solid Body Electric Guitars.

As a guitar player first, I know what I am looking for in a guitar, and understand what other players are talking about as they discribe an instrument's qualities.   It's about collaboration to transform ideas of a dream guitar, into the real thing in your hands. 
Utilizing traditional or exotic woods, custom design elements or going for a compleat one-of-a-kind instrument. 
 It's about making a guitar you can truly call your own. 

It's about the look and feel, the prefect action, the inlays, and gorgeous woods.  But most important, it's about your sound!  A sound that moves you, and brings you to new places. 

   Flamed Cottonwood Les Paul.

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These pages showcases the various guitars Iíve been inspired to build.  I'll admit... It is hard to let them go, but they are for sale.  Each one is a little different, with it's own sound and feel.  So after youíve got your Fender or Gibson, Martin or Taylor, when you're ready to create your own sound, a Dickert Guitar could be the instrument to help you do it.


 Artists who play Dickert Guitars...
   James Anthony
   Scott Cameron Smith
   Mark Daum
   Steve Ashley 
   Don Alder
Maxim Budnick

   Katherine Lynn Chasty

 Come check out the workshop here in Kilbride, Ontario, Canada.   Call 905 315-9779.   Dickert Guitars can also be played at Birchway Sound in Hamilton Ontario


        Sample recording on Don Alders guitar: 
Harold Dickert - Thanks for letting me play your guitar.mp3

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The Tappers List... Get ready for some jaw-dropping playing!!

Check out this vid of Steve when he received the new  axe.



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