Compiled by Harold Dickert  
  Guitar Makers Tree of life  
    A Tree Species Map showing only those tree species used in making guitars.          
Plantae           Click on the name to expand the tree.  
All green plants both in water                      
and on the land           Angiosperms        
      Spermatopsida   Broadleaf flowering land plants collectively known as Hardwoods  
  Seed-bearing plants.  Including     These trees are most often used in the construction of every part of the guitar  
  flowering plants and conifers, etc.     exsept the top sound plate of acoustic instruments.      
        Cone-bearing seed plants with needles collectively known as Softwoods.    
    Commonly used for acoustic instrument top plates      
Maple Mahogany Rosewood Ebony Koa Walnut Spruce
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