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Guitar #010  

Dickert Super J200


"Super" because it's real big!   "Super" because it has killer sound. 

Completed Monday October 4th, 2004.


This guitar was made for my good friend Tony (the guy in this pictures).  How can you tell he is a big Pink Floyd fan.  Also... He loves the Gibson J200 but wanted a thicker neck and deeper body in his guitar.  OK,  I happened to have had an outstanding Maple back & side set.  He also wanted to be involved in building this guitar.  So, we put Tony's name on the wood and went for a beer.  

Had to come up with a design and a tribute to his favorite band.  Just check out the inlays to see what we came up with.

We used the classic Gibson J200 as the inspiration for this guitar, using it's outline shape and dimensions.  We captured the feel in the way the Gibson has the symmetrical head shape, fancy bridge, and block inlays, while still not making it look like a copy.  We also went for power, with an instrument that feels substantial in ones hand.  This guitar is 6" deep, and has a neck almost as wide as most 12 string guitars.  

You know... one can spend all day designing the perfect guitar, but sooner of later, you need to get dusty.  Ok!  I made Tony do the grunt work (sanding).  I did the fun stuff, bending, carving, fretting, etc.

Well, what about the sound???  As we planned, this guitar is WOW in every sense of the word.  Besides being incredible to look at, Maple gives a bright tone.  Some would stay too bright.  On the other hand, a jumbo body give a lot of base and power.  This guitar balances both qualities to give wonderful richness, great sustain, and powerful projection. 

We also took a lot of pictures as this guitar went together.  Some of them are presented here on this page form left to right along with a bit of info as to what is going on in the photo.  Click any image on this page to see the larger detailed copy.  Further down the page are all the specifications and dimensions.


Top Solid Sitka Spruce with a little bear claw showing
Bracing Sitka Spruce
Back and sides Flame Maple
Backstrip Black and Maple 
Neck Flame Maple (three laminates with black veneer seams)
Neck heal cap Ebony
Fret Board Ebony
Position Marks Mother of Pearl rectangles with Abalone prisms
Side Position Marks Mother  of 2mm Pearl Dots
Head Cap Ebony
Head Inlay Mother of Pearl HD (Harold Dickert) and
"Another brick in the wall" theme of various maple and Mother of Pearl
Neck binding Ebony with Maple pin lines
Rosette Ebony, Mother of Pearl, Rainbow of dyed Box Wood  (see photos)
Body Binding Ebony with Maple pin lines
End graft Ebony with Maple pin lines
Heal and Tail Blocks Flame Maple (from same wood as the neck)
Bridge Ebony
Bridge pins Ebony with Mother of Pearl dots
Bridge inlay Mother of Pearl "Sound wave" inlay
End pin Ebony with Mother of Pearl dots
Tuners Gold Schaller with Ebony Buttons
Finish French Polished Shellac 
Pick Guard Clear Plastic.