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Guitar #068

Chambered Set-Neck Tele


Completed Sept 7th, 2021

Here is another guitar for Canadian Blues great James Anthony.  This guitar's body was in my stach of guitar parts during the time I was working on the Gypsy Jazz guitar for him.  At the time, the body was just wrought out and the fret board was not yet glued to the neck,  He was blown away by the patterns of the spalted Maple top, the head cap, and the Ziricote fret board I had paired up with it.  I also chambered the Alder back and the inside of the top before joining the parts, making this body fairly light dispight the heavy woods.  It also rang like a bell.  
He had to have it.

We had a bit of a discussion as to what pickups and other hardware he'd like to see on it.  Then talked about the inlays as well.  That Ziricote fret board looks so amazing, he wanted to keep it clean, so we omited top position marks and used slightly larger side dots to make up the difference.   The Bee is a nod to his families home town in Italy, and IVY is the name of his granddaughter. 
I made custom pickup rings and the control plate out of Ziricote to match the fret board.   And since this guitar has the three pickups, it uses a Strat style 5-way selector switch.  Finally, what separates this Tele from the "also rans" - is the carved set neck along with 24 frets.


Check out James Anthony's web site.