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Guitar #062

Chambered Black Locust mini 4-string.


Completed Aug 30, 2020


Here is a truly one of a kind.  This little guitar has an 18.5" scale length, putting the nut just about where the note "B" would be found on a normal sized guitar.  Using normal string guages allows this instrument to be tuned up a fifth; do re mi fa so - "so" being the fifth note of a scale.  You could kind of get a similar starting note by putting a guitar capo at the 7th fret of a standard guitar, and only using the top four strings, but that would place you half way down the neck with no room before running into the guitar's body.  This guitar still gives you 22 frets to create with, and way up there like a flute!


The Pickup:

This guitar has a single custom hand made Kent Armstrong alnico humbucker pickup with four wire leads, used for Series / Parallel switching via a two way mini switch.  The pickup output is then routed through standard volume and tone pots.

The bridge of this guitar is a custom made four saddle version of a Strat hard-tail setup with all the standard adjustments for intonation and action.


Black Locust is a North American tree in the Legume family, same as the Rosewoods, and making these species cousins.  They are basically equals as tonewoods, but Black Locust is gold in color.  The drop top on this istrument is made of bookmatched Black Locust showing a good amount of flame.  Other woods include a Hard Maple neck, bookmatched Butternut back, and a South East Asian Rosewood fretboard.


This electric guitar sounds like a guitar family equivilant of a flute, with long sustain, and clear notes.  Using an alternate tuning equivilant of DADGAD, up a fifth to A-D-E-A, is haunting and mesmerizing.  This guitar really works as a lead instrument for a high pitch melody.