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Guitar #057

Honey Locust & Butternut Chambered Tele


Completed October 30th, 2016


This guitar is a chambered Tele with significant amounts of wood removed from both the top plate and the back, making it very light and resonant.   The top is book matched Honey Locust, the back of book matched Butternut, the neck is an amazing section of AAA flamed Hard Maple, and the fretboard is a very unusual board of Gabon Ebony with the caramel coloured bands through it.  The big item setting this Tele apart from others is the use of a set neck joint carved to the curves of the hand avoiding the usual sharp corners of a standard bolt on neck set up.
As for the pickup selection, the customer who commissioned this instrument is more into rock than blues so he went with GFS Humbuckers including series - parallel switching, with a four way blade switch, and the standard volume and tone. This gives twelve different pickup combos out of just the two pickups!  The set neck adds to sustain.