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Guitar #040

Sitka Spruce with Sycamore back and sides, D type acoustic

Completed Sept 6th, 2022

This venetian cut-a-way D style guitar includes a Sitka Spruce top, and American Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) back and sides - not to be confused with the European tree they call Sycamore over there (actaually a Maple - Acer pseudoplatanus).  This combination gives a guitar comparable to a Mahongany backed instrument, with lots of punch and brightness, and tons of volume and sustain.  The addition of the side sound port gives this guitar even more volume and projection while allowing the player to hear more of the instrument.  A standard sound hole projects the sound forward and away from the player.

Quarter sawn Sycamore is always something stunning to see, with it's lace pattern created by the exposure of the medullary rays of the lumber, in this case also forming a upside down heart pattern on the back of the guitar. 
The neck is African Mahogany, with an Indian Rosewood fret board, and Bubinga binding along all the edges of the instument. 

Vince ask for a high quality amplification system to be installed.  The LR Baggs Anthem right at the top of most respected, with a combined under saddle Piezo pickup and an on board mic attached to the bridge plate under the sound board of the guitar.  These two sound sources can be mixed to give a natural tone through an acoustic guitar amp, and adjusted for the acoustics of the room.