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Guitar #034

Chambered Solid-body Hawk-ish Electric

Jarrah top, Black Cherry Back, Hard Maple Neck, Gibon Ebony Fret board.

Completed Nov 5th, 2014



Another electric.  This one is more like the little brother to a Gibson Les Paul - the Gibson Hawk - in size and shape.  Thus, the "Hawk-ish" guitar.

I did a repair on an actual Gibson Hawk a number of years ago, and took the opportunity to copy the general shape.  Overall, I liked that guitar but for the neck joint built in the typical Gibson way of doing things, where the heel of the neck does not line up with the bottom of the body leaving a shape square edge.  Instead, I changed that.  This guitar has a lap joint carved smooth with the shape of the neck feathering right into the cutaway.  Even reaching for that 22d fret on the six string is effortless (not that most people would actually play that note).

The body of the Gibson Hawk is also kind of thin.  I made this a more standard 1 7/8" thickness.  In addition and unlike the Gibson version,  the insides of both the top and back have been Chambered (routed out) to a 3/16th inch thickness, with a center beam stopping a bit south of the bridge, and leaving the sides at about 1/2 inch wide.  This gives the guitar a very light weight, and a bit more of an open "airy" tone.  That simmering wood you are looking at in the photo is book matched flame Jarrah wood from south western Australia laid out in a chevron pattern (Jarrah a very hard heavy wood and a member of the Eucalyptus Genus).  The back is book matched Canadian Black Cherry.  

Another departure from the standard Gibson, is a Fender scale length of 25.5 inches.  This gives a snappier feel, through the higher string load, while giving a smoothers warmer tone through the wound strings.  The neck is AAA Flame Maple making it a thing of beauty, perfectly quartered and straight grained. 



Shots while under construction show casing the extent of chambering.


Lap-jointed & shaped heal AAA Flame Hard Maple.   251/2" scale length. 


Chambered body, with book matched Flame Jarrah drop top, and a book matched Black Cherry Back.

Fret Board

22 fret Gabon Ebony

Postion Marks 2mm,14 karat gold wire (top and sides)


Neck Position:  Gold GFS Fat PAF Alnico magnets  Bridge Position: Gold GFS Fat PAF Alnico magnets 


Earl Reinoehl custom 3 & 3 tuners in Gold  


Badass in Gold


Graphic Tech TREM-NUT


3-way toggle, volume, tone, in Gold.


Head: Dickert in Gold mother of pearl.
Neck: Nude in mother of pearl and maple.

Truss rod

Dual Rod two way adjustable at the head.


Murdoch's Uralkyd - 500 Gloss