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Guitar #025 

Quilted Big Leaf Maple 12th fret Double O
with an AAA grade solid Sitka Top, a neck made of the same wood as the back and sides, Gibbon Ebony fret board and bridge, Abalone purfing. 



Completed Feb 5, 2010

This guitar is real eye candy.  That's even before talking about it's surprising power.  

It's always a treat to hear how powerful and clear these little OO size guitar are.  This being a maple guitar, the wood also adds a bit of extra brightness to the mix.  This guitar gives a vary linier response to the intensity of playing.

Speaking of Maple...  This is not the maple most people are used to seeing.  Maple furniture, floors, cabinets, etc are usually made out of a very blond coloured, and very hard lumber that most often comes from the Sugar Maple trees of north eastern North America.  Sometimes Soft maple may be used as well, but Big Leaf is different from all these.  The Big Leaf Maple trees are native to only the coastal areas of western North America from Oregon to southern British Columbia.  If you have ever been out there and seen Maple leaves over a foot in size, that's the tree.  The figure of Big Leaf is strikingly different from the flame or birds eye people are familiar with in maple lumber, this pattern is usually called "Quilted".  It make for stunning luminescence.

The tone of Big Leaf Maple guitars are a little more warm than regular maple guitars mainly due to a lower stiffness and density, but still noticeably more bight than a Rosewood and even a Mahogany guitar.


Top Triple A grade solid Sitka top
Rosette 4 Black/Maple/Black bands with one center Abalone band
Bracing Sitka Spruce
Back and sides Quilted Solid Big Leaf Maple
Backstrip Black/Maple zig zag
Body Binding Gibbon  Ebony
Purfling Gibbon Ebony, Maple/Black
End graft Gibbon Ebony
Heal and Tail Blocks Big Leaf Maple
Kerfed Lining Mahogany
Neck One peace Quilted Big Leaf Maple
Head Cap Gibbon Ebony 
Head Inlay Female head in profile of Mother of Pearl, Abalone, and Quilted Big Leaf Maple.
Neck heal cap Gibbon Ebony
Truss Rod Twin rod two-way adjustable at head
Fret Board Gibbon Ebony
Position Marks 2mm Abalone dots
Fret Board Binding Gibbon Ebony with a Maple pin line
Bridge Gibbon Ebony
Bridge pins Polished bone with an Abalone dot
Bridge Saddle Intonated bone
Nut Bone  1 3/4"
End pin Polished bone with an Abalone dot
Tuners Mini Gold Grover Rotomatic Guitar Machines
Finish   French Polished Shellac