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Guitar #021

Chambered Tele with Ziricote Top & Okoume Back,  carved heal Hard Maple glued-in Neck.


Completed March 6th, 2006

Everyone and their dog makes a Tele.  So why make yet another? 

Ok...  Do they make one with a set neck or more accurately -  a "lap-joint"?  How about with the carved heal so there are no hard angles?  And - the 24 fret Ebony fret board and the Abalone teardrop inlays?  How about the carved back to fit your body, and the carved arm rest?  How about the Ziricote head cap that matches the body?  How about the modified Tele headstock shape so you can actually hang this guitar on a stand without worrying about it falling off?  Did I say, this one is Chambered?  And - oh ya' the Ziricote and the Okoume looks F---en' wild.  

Well James Anthony didn't think there were any Tele's around like this one.  He saw this guitar taking shape as I was working on an acoustic for him.  Every time he'd come to the shop, he wanted to see how the tele was coming along.  Finally he had to have it.   "Could you put jumbo frets in it, and a humbucker in the front?"  he said.  Sure I said.  He handed me the pickups for that sound he had in mind and told me to put his name on it.  I shaped the neck to the way he like it and it's in his collection now.

Visit James' web site a www.jamesanthony.ca