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Guitar #020

Butternut Cutting Board Electric Guitar

Completed Oct 25, 2005.


No, you don't eat it... Butternut is the kind of wood, actually the kind of tree.  A member of the same genius of trees as Walnut, except the wood is lighter in colour, and is vary light in weight, closed grained, nice tap tone, and one hell of a beautiful look.  Matching this vary unusual guitar body wood up with a Flamed Soft Maple and Walnut laminated neck (lighter in weight) makes for a vary light and well balanced instrument. 

The neck joint is a cross of the Fender and Gibson styles.  Start with a fender style bolt-on neck joint but with a vary tight fit, then glue it in place, and carve the heel to make it feel and play like a through-neck guitar.  You can actually feel the notes played in your left hand as you hold the neck, and the body resonates against your body like an acoustic.  Who says light guitars don't sustain... you got to check this guitar out.

Now to get all that tone down to the amp, I've used a set of deMarzio strat style vertical stacked Alnico 2 humbuckers for a warm clean tone and none of that 60 cycle hum.

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Body Two part Butternut body jointed at the centre seam.
Neck Five laminates Flamed Soft Maple and Walnut.
25.5" scale length.  1 11/16 " at the nut, and 2 3/16 " string spacing at the bride.
Fret Board 22 fret Indian Rosewood
Pickup Neck Position:   diMarzio VirtuAl2 vertical stacked Humbucker (DP407W)
Middle:              diMarzio VirtuAl2 vertical stacked Humbucker (DP408W)
Bridge Position:  diMarzio Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 
                                                      vertical stacked Humbucker (DP403W)
Tuners Chromed Grover 6-inline Mini Guitar Machines
Bridge Chromed Fender style vibrato tail peace.
Controls 5 position strat style pickup switch
Single volume pots with chromed metal knobs.
Full co-axial and copper sheet shielding.
Position Marks 1/4" Abolone dots.  1/16" Abolone dots along side of fret-board.
Head Inlay "Dickert" logo cut from Abolone 
Truss rod Dual Rod two way adjustable at the head.
Finish Tung oil and bees wax finish.
Head Cap Mirrored Butternut
Control cover plate Butternut control cavity cover plate (on back of guitar).
Jack and strap buttons Chromed Strat style front 1/4" jack