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Guitar #019

Solid-body "Cutting Board" Electric

Bolt-on Maple neck, White Ash body,  dual Seymour Duncan Humbuckers

Completed Sept 5th, 2005

Keep it simple.  Leave the gadgets on the floor!  Dual Seymour Duncan Alnico Humbuckers for that touch sensitivity and sound like no other.  Smooth or Crunchy, this guitar does it all.

Don't be fooled by the photo.  You may only see a pickup selector and two knobs, but this guitar lets you select eight distinct different sounds directly from the pickups (no tone controls). These pickups are wired with leads off each coil giving a ton of options as to how one elects to wire up their guitar.  This guitar has the standard 3-way pickup selector switch, and separate volumes for each pickup.  Each volume also has a push/pull switch selecting series or parallel wiring for the pickup.   Parallel give a brighter single-coil like tone while still providing noise canceling (but with just a bit less volume).  Select the pickups to series when you really want to Rock.  With the pickup selector in the middle position (with both pickups on) you can roll the volumes to any intermediate position to give a whole range of different tonal combinations.



Update, Oct. 29, 2007:  The event was the "I (heart) the Escarpment Too" fund raising concert, with proceeds going to help protect the Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) here in Southern Ontario.  Sara Harmer (A Juno winning Canadian singer songwriter and founding member of PERL) and the Barenaked Ladies  preformed at the Johnston's farm for a group of around 500 people.  Part of the afternoon included a live auction of art items donated by artist living along the Escarpment.  That would include me.  This guitar was make on the Niagara Escarpment at my home here in Kilbride, and thus was one of the item auctioned off.  Both Sara Harmer and her band as well as the Barenaked Ladies signed it and then let the price rocket up.  So that's the long way of getting to the point - "it's gone" - and it's contributing to an important cause as well.  Thanks Sara and Dan for asking me to contribute.




Pull the volume knob up for Parallel, or punch it down to Rock.
Sounds Pickup Switch Selection Down - Series / Up - Parallel
1 front  series
2 front parallel
3 middle series - parallel
4 middle series - series
5 middle parallel - series
6 middle parallel - parallel
7 back parallel
8 back series