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Guitar #016  

Honduras Mahogany back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, Honduras Mahogany neck



Completed Feb 11, 2009

My first 7-String Dickert Acoustic Guitar.

Great for that experimental finger style playing or just getting DOWN.  This guitar quickly has you humming those tunes in your head - lower, and you can go there, yet the high notes are all still available.  The lowest base notes are punchy, with balanced volume to the rest of this instrument's range.   

What makes this guitar different is that added "B" string below the lowest "E" string found on standard 6-string guitars.  With that extra string it also means the neck is much wider than normal, even wider than a 12-string guitar, and the bridge has a corresponding increased width.  Despite the extra width, the neck still feels natural and easy to play, helped along with a compound radius fret board tapering from a 14" to 16" arch.   One of the nice things about a compound radius fret board is the lower action these allow - something very helpful on this guitar.

Recommended string guage is either light or medium  (.012 to .070)   Standard low "E" strings have a gauge of .056 or .058 thousands of an inch.  The "B" used here jumps all the way to a 070.      

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Top Sitka Spruce
Rosette 4 Black/Maple/Black bands with one center Abalone band
Bracing Sitka Spruce
Back and sides Honduras Mahogany
Backstrip Black/Maple Abalone
Body Binding Bolivian Rosewood
Purfling Black/Maple/Black/Maple/Black
End graft Bolivian Rosewood
Neck Honduras Mahogany
Head Cap Bolivian Rosewood
Head Inlay Dickert Logo
Neck heal cap Bolivian Rosewood
Truss Rod Twin rod two-way adjustable at head
Fret Board Gibon Ebony
Position Marks Abalone slash on the face of fretboard and 2mm side dots
Fret Board Binding Bolivian Rosewood
Bridge Gibon Ebony
Bridge pins Ebony with Abalone Dots
Bridge Saddle Bone, compensated for intonation, graduated for string thickness
Nut Bone, graduated for string thickness
End pin Ebony with Abalone dots
Tuners Gold Schaller, 4 on base side, 3 on treble
Finish   French Polished Shellac