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Solid-body "Cutting Board" Through-neck Electric of Honduras Mahogany and Purple Heart.  Dual Seymour Duncan 59 PAF Humbuckers

Guitar #015
Completed Oct 6th, 2006

There's nothing like a through-neck guitar for resonant, sustain, feel.  "Ya" and there's something to be said about simplicity!  Clean lines, and more importantly in this case - clean sound!  Who needs switches or toys, bells and whistles?  This guitar is about attack!  Classic PAF style Seymour Duncan Humbuckers with dual concentric volume, and that's it.  Click on the photos to see a large image and check out the specs.




Two tunes (head trip) using this guitar.

                    Harold Dickert - Having space to - part 1
                    Harold Dickert - Having space to - part 2
                        Recorded directly (no amp) into the BOSS Micro BR using a stock patch and this guitar #015 sometime in 2007 or 08 I think.