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Guitar #013 

Solid Sitka Top, and Solid Canary Wood Back and Sides.

Completed Oct 14th, 2009

Rich deep Base similar to  Rosewood guitars, yet possessing bright highs almost like Maple guitars, and tons of sustain. .No wonder - this instruments back and sides are made from Canary Wood (C. Robustum), another member of the  Fabaceae (legumes) Family of plant life.  This Family includes some of the most important trees to the guitar world such as the Rosewoods and Koa.   C. Robustum is hard and heavy, with a fine cell structure, but not very oily unlike the true rosewoods.  As you can see from the pictures, this wood has rich colour textures of yellow/tan, with bands of orange and even some red.  There is a fine  flame pattern to the grain making it appear almost like Koa.

I made this guitar with an African Mahogany neck with a shallow V cross section, similar to older Fender Teles from the 50's and 60's.  I has a fender style nut on a 25.5" fret board, and extremely low action over a 12" fret board radius tapering to 14".  Great for playing very fast, or for finger style with a light touch.


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