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Guitar #012

Electric Through-neck  "Cutting Board "Solid body Electric. 

 Three laminate Maple/Cocobolo/Maple neck, with White Ash body wings, and dual Seymour Duncan Humbuckers.

Completed December 9th, 2005

Keep it simple.  Leave the gadgets on the floor!  Dual Seymour Duncan Jazz model Alnico Humbuckers for that touch sensitivity and sound like no other.  Smooth or Crunchy, this guitar does it all.  With just a three position pickup switch, you get 8 distinct sounds!  How is that possible?   Well... read on.

These pickups are wired with leads off each coil giving a ton of options as to how one elects to wire up their guitar.  This guitar has the standard 3-way pickup selector switch, and separate volumes for each pickup.  Each volume also has a push/pull switch selecting series or parallel wiring for the pickup.   Parallel give a brighter single-coil like tone while still providing noise canceling (but with just a bit less volume).  Select the pickups to series to get that thick humbucker sound.  It's like having two guitars in one.  With the pickup selector in the middle position (with both pickups on) you can roll the volumes to any intermediate position to give a whole range of different tonal combinations x 4.

Rock or Jazz, this guitar has a vary clean warm tone when played without distortion, shimmering harmonics, and is crystal clear to the 22d fret.  It plays fast and taps easily with it's low action and Ziricote wood fret board.  Ziricote is even harder than Ebony giving a fast feel to the board.   The Ziricote wood head cap, fret board, pick guard and pick up rings give this guitar a very custom look.

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Pull the volume knob up for Parallel, or punch it down to Rock.
Sounds Pickup Switch Selection Down - Series / Up - Parallel
1 front  series
2 front parallel
3 middle series - parallel
4 middle series - series
5 middle parallel - series
6 middle parallel - parallel
7 back parallel
8 back series