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Guitar #008 

Walnut Solid Body Electric with Flame Maple Neck

Keeping it simple.

The old style tone controls associated with passive electronics work by cutting frequencies.  That means you're cutting sound if you  move the control away from wide open ( #10 on the dial).  Nowadays most electric guitar players use all sorts of toys, either on the floor or on a rack.  So the question is, why would you want to cut sound at the guitar?  You won't with this axe. 

This guitar's got tons of balls, clean sound or gritty, with just one pickup, and one switch, clean and simple.  With a bridge position DiMarzio PAF dual sound pickup, you get all the power you could want, and a single pot to control it.  Rotate for volume, pop the knob up for that clean single coil type of sound, or push down for full-on humbucker power.


Body Solid Walnut with Flame Maple centre strip
Neck Bolt-on neck, Flame Maple with Walnut centre strip.  25.5" scale length.  1 5/8th inch at the nut, and 2 1/16th inch string spacing at the saddle.
Fret Board 21 fret fretboard.  Ebony with Ebony and Maple binding
Truss rod Dual Rod two way adjustable at the head.
Tuners Grover Mini Guitar Machines
Position Marks Abalone dots
Head Inlay "Dickert" logo cut from Abalone 
Pickup One bridge position DiMarzio PAF dual sound
Switch One volume pot with integrated pull up - push down dual sound switch, full co-axial and copper sheet shielding.  1/4 inch jack in strap button.
Bridge Ebony bridge with compensated bone saddle. 
Finish Combination of brushed, and French Polished Shellac.

Completed construction May 3,2004