Canadian Flat Tax   

Back when former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney brought in the hated Good and Services Tax, during the heated debate that followed, he challenged all takers to come up with a better tax system.  It didn't take vary long.  Toronto MP Dennis Mills put together a team that gathered all the available information at the time, and determined that a flat tax with a few made for Canada modifications was just what Canadians needed.  Two books and a nation wide speaking tour followed.

Unfortunately, the "Single Tax" he proposed and a flat tax in general is too transparent, too fair, too simple.  The Flat Tax reporting forms would have been 11 lines long for individuals and 9 lines for businesses.  The new tax system would only raise tax, and not be used for social engineering.  But, with such a straight forward system, politicians would loose the power to manipulate the system for their own gain.  Thus over ten years later, Canadians are still waiting for the flat tax.



Follow the link to read a paper Mr. Mills presented to the The Fraser Institute.    The Single Tax.  




                    This link is to Mr. Mills own Single Tax web site.






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