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As for the tunes, this stuff is good for "after the party".  I really don’t play “songs”.  What’s magic for me, are those times when I pick up the guitar and something new flows out.  When spontaneous music happens.  Being One with the guitar.  Kind of Zen.  Like waves, or clouds, the changing view around a corner or the crest of a hill.

My music doesn't fit any convenient category.  But I think you’ll enjoy it all the same.


Harold Dickert - Having space to - part 1 6:53
Harold Dickert - Having space to - part 2
Recorded with the BOSS Micro BR using a stock patch and my solid body through neck guitar #015 sometime in 2007 or 08 I think. 
6:48 Added Oct 13, 2014
Harold Dickert - Thanks for letting me play your guitar
Here is a new recording done with Don Alders new guitar #033 on my guitar site
Harold Dickert - Walking through complex changes
Here is a new recording done with Don Alders new guitar #033 on my guitar site
Black Willows Watching part one
Here is a new recording of this tune, done on one of the guitars I made, guitar number 005 with Rosewood back and sides, Engelman top..
Black Willows Watching part two
Same style but goes to a different place.
Tones on "D"  Actually really old!
Here is another one rescued from the old 4-track tape machine.  Despite the hiss, I have always liked it, so here it is.
Busted Bruised Black & Blue 
This is the first recording I've added since the big fall.  Vary moody. One acoustic guitar and one base in the background.
Rediscovering bygone days  
Another Acoustic piece with my Gibson and Martin on the left and right doing rhythm, and the Martin down the middle on lead.
Lazy day and a Two Four  
Steve on the drum kit, me on guitars... down and gritty.
Spirit of Two Guitars  
First did this song way back in 1982.  This is a new version (way better recording) using my Gibson CL35 on the left and the Martin D40 on the right.
Behind the Train Yard  
Here is an other one with Steve Deschenes on drums and myself on electric, acoustic, and base guitars.
Black Willows Watching
Single guitar line played on the Gibson CL35
Nine Light Years and A Day Away  
Did this short blues about 15 years ago.  It's got a few electric guitars going.
Skinny Dip
Did this one about 17 years go using a Sigma and a Yamaha Acoustic guitars.
One round of a 12 bar blues.  Steve Deschenes on drums and myself on electric, acoustic, and base guitars.
Three Blind Mice.mp3
Quick jazzed up version with just one guitar.  Takamine E591ME arch top guitar.
Single guitar line fairly slow with a melancholy feel.  Gibson CL35 Acoustic.


A Good End.mp3
Up beat, two acoustic guitars playing off each other.  Gibson CL35


A Bright Fall Day.mp3  
Up beat, two acoustic guitar playing off each other.  Gibson CL35
Single guitar line with the second half of song using tapping and harmonic techniques.  Gibson Cl35
To download these music files, just right click the title, then click [Save Target As] from the menu that appears.  Save them to your MP3 music directory, or to where ever you share you music files.   Enjoy.

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