Windsurfing Downhaul Puller

Before you get power from your sail, you've got to get power to your downhaul line.

Better then the better mouse trap, faster than a speeding bullet, Easier than...

Introducing the HD windsurfing "Downhaul Puller", the rigging tool that makes light work of heavy downhaul loads. Slip your line through the fairlead, then across the metal cleat, and get BOTH HANDS on the E.V.A. rubber covered handle. Now you can pull like you've never been able to before.





So you see, "rigging it right" wasn't that hard after all.





For more information, contact me at the following address or via e-mail at

To order from within Canada or the United States, send a cheque or money order via snail mail (sorry, no credit cards accepted so far) in the amount of $22.50 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.