Creeks, Rivers, and what about Trees?
A country drive to look at degraded Sub-Watersheds and Stripped Riparian Zones.


Is there a problem?

If you have ever flown into Toronto International Airport on a sunny day, after which there had been thunderstorms the previous day, and happened to look down along the shoreline of Lake Ontario, you most likely would have seen an ugly site - plumes of brown muddy silted up water spewing out of all the rivers and creeks, some spreading out as much as a half a mile or more out into the lake.

A person standing on shore looking out over the lake at this same time would see waves breaking with brownish instead of white foam, and visibly dirty water lapping the beach.  Depending on the wind direction, there would be a roll of algae and organic mater rolling in the backwash.  There may be a fishy smell.

A person in a boat would lose sight of their anchor line in only a few feet and see layers of cloudy water.  They would actually see a sharp contrast in water quality at the edge of the plum. 

Fish would be experiencing warmer waters with less oxygen than they had evolved to living in, with particles clogging their gills, and silt covering over their spawning sites.

As for the fishing, not bad if you like Carp!  If you like to swim, then you will know all about beach closings and bacteria counts.


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