HD - 1 Swift.

The result of bored stiff engineers asking “How big a jet engine can you strap to your ass?”  


No market research, no feasibility studies, no industry partnerships, no government handout, no union deals.  Just one criteria - "Build the darn thing."  And don't let management know!  Make it small and make it ridiculously fast.

This is the HD - 1 Swift Experimental Jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. 

Designed for personal transportation, with just enough room for your briefcase, your MasterCard, and maybe - lip gloss.  Capable of supersonic high altitude performance, this aircraft shines laying down a sonic boom at tree top level!  Break all the rules...


    Updated August 13, 2012

Download the latest version of the HD - 1 Swift 
HD-1_Swift  v1.03.zip  (note: some collapsed vertices and missing switches in the cockpit model)

Download the paint kit to make your own paint schemes.
 These are PSP file and JPG files.

Review the development blog.

Any questions or comments... contact Harold at hd@dickert.ca







14ft wing span;  16ft fuselage length;
Mach 1.8 from a 3700lb thrust single jet engine;
Animated Reverse thrust, Animated Dual slotted fowler flaps and slats, Animated speed brakes and spoilers, Animated Trailing link landing gear with dual wheels.
New dynamic 3D virtual cockpit and the standard 2D instrument panel.
More texture mapping completed.
See the
blog for more info.


Lets hear that again. 
Station 5310 at KIAC and IACmusic.com

To hell with ATC.  Put this music in your David Clarks.


Note: these videos show earlier versions of this aircraft.










Short Play...

Shift Manager - "Sam, have you found those missing parts yet"

Stock Room Worker -  "Sorry, Can't find them."

Shift Manager turns to Junior Engineer -

Junior Engineer - "Don't ask me, I don't know where they could be."  

Shift Manager - "It's almost like someone has a home built aircraft of the go."

Junior Engineer   " :) "

New projects...












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